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Chairman: Dave White

The Chair is responsible for leading our Club and making sure our meetings run properly (arbitrating when necessary!) and has the casting vote when its needed. If you need to contact Dave email chairman@midcornwalldivers.co.uk

Diving Officer: Steve Collingwood

The Diving Officer has ultimate responsibility for monitoring all our diving activities, appointing a Training Officer and signing off awards of BSAC diving qualifications. You can email Steve at diving@midcornwalldivers.co.uk

Treasurer: Heather Stanley

The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring the sound financial management of the Club, receiving income and monitoring expenditure as well as preparing final accounts for submission to the AGM and ensuring the boats are adequately insured. If you need to contact Heather her email is treasury@midcorwalldivers.co.uk

Membership Secretary: Arthur Dowrick

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring an efficient level of communication between the Committee and our membership; and between the Club and BSAC Headquarters. They are also responsible for organising and minuting our Committee meetings, special meetings and Annual General Meeting.

Training Officer: Christopher Lobb

The Training Officer is appointed by the Diving Officer to co-ordinate all the Club's training requirements from BSAC diving qualifcations and skills development courses.

Equipment Officer: Tony Curtis

The Equipment Oficer is responsible for maintaining (which includes regular servicing) all the Club's boats and ancilliary equipment (ie. electronics eg. sounders, GPS, radios). if you need to contact Tony his email is equipment@midcornwalldivers.co.uk

Welfare Officer: Arthur Dowrick

The Welfare Officer is responsible for ensuring all relevant CRB checks (or their equivalent) are carried out for all Instructors. They are also responsible for looking out for the welfare of Club members.

Pool Equipment Officer: ?

The Pool Equipment Officer is responsible for the care and maintenance of the Club's diving equipment (eg. arranging servicing of BCD's, regulators, cylinders) and responsible for try dives.

Safety Officer: Aiden Castree

The Safety Officer is primarily responsible for ensuring the boats are safe (ie. flares and O2) and also keeping the website up and running. If you notice any saftey issues on the boats or have any trouble with the website, Aiden's email is safety@midcornwalldivers.co.uk